Hi, I’m Bonnie,welcome to my site, Simply Creative Home. 

I’m a musician, mum, and writer with a PhD in music history, and a lot of what I do is based around creativity and the home.  This is a space where you can sit, read, and relax. And maybe take away some new idea or thought that might be useful to you.

So why this blog? Well, it’s time to ‘give back’ – I’ve researched online, I’ve found recipes, tips for designing renovations, and oodles and oodles of (very good and incredibly helpful!) advice on dealing with all the changes that come when you step into motherhood for the first (and second) time.

That, plus I really do like to write, and it’s just so nice to do it without footnotes and a style guide to hand!! The academic in me feels quite rebellious!

What now? You can subscribe to my blog, contact me using the form, or email me at BONNIE@SIMPLYCREATIVEHOME.COM to find out about my freelance blogging rates. 




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