Weekend Places: Garden world

I’ve been meaning to write the next in my ‘Things to do on the weekend’ series for a while. Finally, here it is. We’ve been spending a lot of time at nurseries lately, and there is one which is my favourite: Gardenworld in Braeside. So here’s a post about the fun things we like about this nursery, and why it’s a great place to visit for those in the outer eastern suburbs.

Flowers 3Gardenworld 2Peacock and cyclamen

  Firstly, the range is huge! We have been looking for some particular kinds of proteas lately, and not many places we checked had the kinds we were after, but Gardenworld had heaps! The only difficulty was choosing. We ended up with a trolley full of susaras and pink creams, and now we’re looking forward to their colourful blooms in our garden next Autumn and Winter.

Anyway, the plants are gorgeous and plentiful, and there are homewares, succulents, pots…all kinds of things.

And…dinosaurs! Lots of fun for kids (although the giraffe
was our daughter’s favourite on our last trip). But the best nursery fun (for toddlers) would have to be jumping up and down…in muddy puddles…so do bring gumboots…

Finally, the cafe – it’s fantastic, with a variety of sweet and savoury options, and they make a good babycino!

Babycino     Gardenworld cafe      Cakes

Weekend Places: Wheelers Hill Farmers’ Market

I have read a lot of blogs about fun places to visit with babies and small children, and they’re great. We all know little kids are not the best at sitting down and behaving in a quiet and orderly manner when out and about. So I am starting my weekend series of fun places to go on the weekend, toddler in tow, with a particular focus on locations further from the CBD, where there is room for kids to run, or something to keep them engaged and entertained!

First in the series is the Wheelers Hill Farmers Market. We have been a couple of times now, and it’s a fun, relaxed and small market, held in Jell’s Park on the third Saturday of each month. We love the fresh strawberries, and are totally addicted now to Sally McNally’s chutney – haven’t found another as good!

Grab lunch and a coffee; and there’s plenty of room for running around on the green hills behind the stalls!