Simply creative HOME – recipes, organising, and more!

I started this blog a few years back now. I imagined then that it might be a place for sharing thoughts about living creatively in everyday kind of ways. You don’t have to be amazingly crafty, or a fantastic chef (I am neither!) to add more colour and interest into your home life.

I’m back again with more ideas and recipes to share, extra things to do, and ways to get organised around the home. It’s all going in the blog!

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Read on for recipes, places to go, books to read and organising to do at home!  

Favourite Things

Here are my resources pages (aka very handy websites), with ideas for shopping, cooking, organising, and getting out and about!

ABOUT simply creative home

  Hi, I’m Bonnie,welcome to my site, Simply Creative Home.  I’m a musician, mum, and writer with a PhD in music history, and a lot of what I do is based around creativity and the home.  This is a space where you can sit, read, and relax. And maybe take away some new idea or thought that might be … Continue reading ABOUT simply creative home